Getting children to learn music

According to research, about 100% of public schools across Australia have their students beginning an instrument such as flute music through their school music programs. However, at the end of two years more than 50% of the students quit. The reasons often are said to be that the students think they are not talented enough in playing the instrument; they are too busy with other activities that music is not a priority. Also, sometimes there are students who do not practice much due to trivial issues such as not liking their teacher. There are deep issues that many people don’t see that often contribute to the quitting. This article explores some of the underlying issues as to why students quit music and measures that can be taken to amend the situation.

Music is not considered an important subject

It’s common for parents, administrators and non-teaching music teachers alike to treat music as less of a subject. The emphasis that is put on other subjects like maths and English is not translated to music. They, therefore, treat it less than equal and don’t really encourage kids to excel in them, by not treating music as the core subject it is. Hence, encouraging students to be more serious or focused on music will therefore turn the situation around.

Students don’t know how to get better

The saying goes practice makes perfect and without the proper practicing habits, often students will get discouraged with their beginner piano sheet music and lose focus. Also they need the proper tools available to facilitate their learning. This responsibility lies within the hands of the educators and the parents to avail the required tools for their learning as well as putting emphasis on practice hours. Also, parents need basic knowledge on music to be able to support kids at home.

The thought they aren’t musically talented

While there are a few kids who are naturally gifted with playing flute music and other instruments, music is an art that is learned and is something that gets better with more practice. Many parents will often get discouraged when their child is not interpreting well their trombone sheet music or flute music, and the rules, and they think that they are not musically talented. What parents and students need to understand is that understanding sheet music and playing an instrument needs determination and regular practice.

Summer laziness

According to statistics, students who don’t read over summer often find it hard to catch up once school begins. The same goes for musical instruments. A year of musical instruction can easily go down the drain if students don’t find some time to practice. Students can explore options for digital sheet music during summer holidays.

Everything in life has its challenges and so is playing an instrument. However, this should not be the case for despair because all children have the ability to thrive in music. All it needs is support from the custodians. Regular practice more specifically is the key to getting students to get better in music. With these, you won’t have to worry about them quitting.

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